We always look for a place where we can feel comfortable. As a result, home becomes the second place where family members spend time to get along with each other.

We can see the statistic of holiday destination from the news. There are more and more tourists traveling every year to feel the atmosphere of the most comfortable place in the entire planet.

Fortunately, for some people, home is the most comfortable place in the whole entire world. They feel that being at home make them happy. Sometimes, we do not even know why they refuse to experience exotic places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hawaii, Bahamas and so forth.

Let me tell you a story. It is a true story based on my experience being part of my best friend’s family.

My best friend is a person whose mom enjoys traveling garden center in Rockland county. His mom always goes abroad looking for some great places to stay at. In contrast, his dad hates traveling. His dad always spends his time at home doing something to improve their house. Perhaps it is a weird thing to do for a successful businessman like him but that is true.

One day, I asked him about these little issues. I wanted to dig deeper to understand the way he thinks. What his mindset was.

He said that he wanted to live in a home not in a house. We all know the difference between house and home, based on the Webster dictionary or any other language sources. Once we gain success in turning a house to a home, we will feel comfortable.

This is the reason why he décors things and improves the house appearance.

There are benefits that you can obtain from my story. Make your house a home, where you can feel comfortable in your own residence. Palm tree lamp is one of the best options to do this. It suits well in every corner of our house. The light comes from the palm tree lamp will make you feel cozy at your own dwelling place.


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