Paris is a fantastic destination for a school trip with emphasis on developing skills in sports or the performing arts. Not only are its facilities second to none, but it also has a reputation for fascinating culture and history.

What are performing arts or sports school trips?

These are school tours based around the concept of expert training and tuition in a given sports or performing arts discipline (or disciplines). Expert coaches and tutors spend concentrated sessions with the students, improving their techniques and skills. Opportunities might exist then for matches against local sides, in the case of sports trips, or performances, in the case of the arts.

Why Paris?

The first point to note is that sometimes there are advantages to be gained by taking students for chinese tuitions overseas. Inevitably, different cultures see things differently and they may place different emphases on various aspects of the discipline concerned. Experiencing those different approaches can only be good for the students concerned.

Nowhere might this be more likely to be the case than Paris. The French have always had a different way of looking at life, and that applies as much to sport and the performing arts as to any other aspects of life. The benefits of training in a Gallic culture might be huge – and something that it would be impossible to replicate back home.

Paris is the centre of French culture and a fabulous place for students on a school trip to explore – even leaving aside the coaching.

Unlike some major cities, Paris at its heart doesn’t feel vast and impersonal but rather more like a county town. In fact, it is possible to get from the centre of Paris into real countryside relatively quickly, and that connection with “la campagne” is an important aspect of French and Parisian life.

Of course, it also has world-famous attractions that are ideal for school parties to explore, including locations such as the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, The Louvre and Notre Dame. Yet simply walking around the streets and soaking up the atmosphere is an opportunity for students on a school trip to sample another lifestyle. The ambience of the city is incomparable to any other and something that can’t easily be described.

These diversions might be important because if students are really going to enhance their skills through concentrated tuition in sports or the performing arts, they will also need to occasionally take a break and get the opportunity to simply do something else.


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