While birds are part of a healthy ecosystem, some species can create a mess and even cause property damage and disease if left unmonitored. Feral pigeons, for instance, have become one of the most common pests in urban areas. Pigeon droppings are highly corrosive and often cause damage to metal fixtures around homes and apartment buildings. They harbor a host of bacteria and parasites that can cause potentially deadly diseases. In farms and agricultural areas, nets can be used to protect fruit trees, vegetable gardens and crops from feeding birds.

When dealing with an avian infestation, it is best to think of more humane ways of dealing with them as opposed to shooting or setting up potentially harmful or fatal traps. Bird control trellis netting can be used to either block pest birds from certain areas, or to capture them for later release.

A bird net and other control devices serve not just to protect property, but the birds themselves. Some bird species can be put at risk when they stray into occupied property. For instance, clear glass windows can be mistaken by birds as entry points, which can injure them when they attempt to fly into the glass pane.

People should be able to find ways of living with the environment without harming it. In terms of protection against bird pests, there are equally, if not more, effective ways of dealing with them. Installing a bird net is just one of the many ways of doing this.

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