When it comes to landscape design, there’s a lot that you could do. One of the many things that could beautify your garden includes the addition of some sort of water feature. However, when it comes to picking a water feature, there are plenty of different kinds of features to pick from, each of them with their very own aesthetics.

So, before you pick a specific kind of water feature, it would be wise to compare the different formats available. So, let’s take a look at some of them:

Natural Pools

Natural pools are one of the most common water features that you’d see in michigan landscapers garden. They basically include a submersible pump as well as a filtration system to help with the overall maintenance. In some cases there are even fountains installed.

They are really easy to install and look natural. Moreover, you would be able to choose the size of the pool based on the space available. But, some of the drawbacks include labour needed and water purification.

Wall Fountains

If space is an issue, you should definitely give water fountains a thought. They’re really small and you would be able to install them almost anywhere. They come in small kits which are really easy to install.

However, when it comes to buying a wall fountain kit, the price would be the same if you built one of your own from scratch. Therefore, rather than buying one, you should try to make your own and this way you would be able to customize it totally for your home garden.


If at all you have a large garden, you should definitely try to get some sort of streams built up. You may not be able to do this all on your own and hence you would probably need the services of professional landscape designers.

It would be even better if you could add streams as well as pools to your garden at the same time and let the streams flow into the pool – they look amazing!

You could take it a step further and plant some nice water plants, a rock garden and more. However, this process isn’t going to be easy and you’d need to install a pump to the steam in order to keep the water flowing. You would also need to dig in order to have a pool installed. So, overall this kind of water feature could turn out to be expensive.



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