A quick peek inside a yellow page directory proves that there is no shortage of cleaning related businesses. The choice between most cleaning services typically comes down to price. It makes sense that the best choice is the cheapest choice, right? Wrong! Here’s a few guidelines, tips and warnings on how to select the right kind of maid service. Plus, we’ll explain the key differences between a real cleaning service and a fake cleaning company.

Check Google for a list of cleaning companies or scroll through some recent junk mail. Cleaning companies are dying for new customers and the competition for the new business is fierce. Before we can explain how to pick the right kind of House Cleaning Services in Sydney, let’s first determine the difference between a real, legitimate cleaning service and a fake, less than credible cleaning company.

Bonded, Licensed & Insured
Real cleaning services are certainly licensed, bonded and insured. It’s the minimum requirement for every professional cleaning service. In addition, real cleaning services also provide workers’ compensation on all employees. Each of these insurance policies protect customers and the business. In case of injury, a workers’ compensation policy will reimburse in case of injury inside a home. The bond protects against theft. The license proves that the business pays it tax bills. And the general liability insurance policy protects customers in case of breakage inside a home.

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
Real cleaning services conduct nationwide criminal background checks on all employees. The search should detail any criminal activity associated with a person’s social security number. The background check is not cheap and it’s not quick. Never, ever hire a cleaning service that doesn’t promise to conduct these background checks!

Legal U.S. Citizens Only
Real cleaning services only hire legal U.S. citizens. This is crucial because a homeowner needs to have security that their home is safe and secure. A homeowner can’t feel that safety if the maid isn’t even legally working in this country. Of course, the labor is much cheaper if the employee isn’t legal. So, the cleaning rate will probably be just as cheap as the labor. But the few bucks in savings could cause literally cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home.

Is It Really A Company?
Real cleaning services typically have more than one employee. Of course, just having more than one employee doesn’t mean that a company is legit. But a homeowner should raise their red flag if the maid works alone. With unemployment soaring right now, finding work in the house cleaning industry is a sure bet. Put a free ad on Craigslist, offer services for next to nothing, get access to a home. It’s that easy and it happens all the time. Keep in mind that some individual cleaning professionals are awesome, hard working people. But also know that the majority of individuals are not serious about the profession. Some may just quit cleaning until they locate a permanent job. Some may just get sick of cleaning every day and quit. And some may use the freedom inside a home to steal jewelry, money or other valuables.

It’s a tough economy right now. And saving money has never been more important for a family. But saving an extra $20 could wreak havoc on a family if the wrong maid service is hired. But the decision to hire a maid can be made simpler by following just determining if the service is legit or not. Think about it in this manner.


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