If you have ever been to Miami then you have been to South Beach or Miami Beach. The Nightclub and Club scene is the best in Miami with tons of clubs to choose. If you like Hip Hop, House, Rock, just about any type of music genre and South Beach Miami has a club for it.

After being to all of the clubs in South Beach Miami have chosen a few of my top favorites.

1. Nikki Beach – You can hear other people who are trying to speak with you. No annoying people bumping into you and spilling drinks on you because this is a large club with a huge outside beach to relax on.

2. DREAM – The staff is the best here. Making you feel at home it’s always a good night at DREAM.

3. Jazid – Live local talent play at Jazid with reggae and ska.

4. Mansion – It’s always fun to watch the Europeans come to Bellingham Pub Mansion and pretend to be something they are not. Girls peeing in the street to guys fighting trees and fire hydrants. Always a laugh at Mansion

5. SET – Land of the Coke whores. Too many flabby skinny women. I have never in my life seen a flabby skinny woman before I went to SET. Seriously, these girls do so much drugs that the meat they do have on their bodies is flabby. It’s disgusting really.

6. Mokai – This club used to be cool until the Opium Group bought it. Now it kinda sucks to be honest.

7. Tree House – Now this club is cool. No dress code, no snobby pretentious people judging you by the names you have on your clothes. Go to have fun and a good time.

8. SPACE – Open only on Saturdays this club stays open until 4 p.m. the following day! Wow, I could not even stay inside of a club for that long even if I wanted to!

9. CLUB PLAY – Club Play has amateur MMA fight night along with a huge venue with 2 bars upstairs and 3 downstairs. Many famous Hip Hop and Movie Stars are seen going to this club!


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