Trading items in Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R) is an integral part of the game, allowing you to acquire rare and powerful gear to improve your character. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to trade items in D2R:

  1. Create a Character: To begin trading, you’ll need to create a character and progress through the game until you have items worth trading.
  2. Find a Trading Forum or Website: One of the most common ways to initiate trades in D2R is through online trading forums and websites. Some popular options include the official Diablo II forums, Reddit’s Diablo II trading subreddit, or dedicated Diablo 2 Runewords websites.
  3. Create a Trade Listing: On the chosen platform, create a trade listing that includes details about the items you have for trade and what you’re looking for in return. Be specific and honest about your items’ stats and your expectations.
  4. Negotiate: When other players express interest in your trade, negotiate the terms of the trade. Discuss which items are on the table, their quality, and any additional items or currency involved in the trade. Be clear and ensure both parties agree on the trade’s terms.
  5. Set Up a Trade Game: In Diablo II, you can create a game that serves as a trading hub. In the main menu, go to the “” section and select “Create Game.” Name the game something related to the trade, so other players understand its purpose.
  6. Join or Share Game Information: Share the game name and password (if you’ve set one) with the trading partner. They will need to join your trade game.
  7. Inspect the Items: Before completing the trade, both players should drop the agreed-upon items on the ground. Take a moment to inspect the items and ensure they are as described. You can right-click on dropped items to see their stats.
  8. Finalize the Trade: If both parties are satisfied with the items, click to pick up the items offered by the other player. This will complete the trade. Be careful and avoid scams by double-checking item names, stats, and the trustworthiness of your trading partner.
  9. Leave the Game: After the trade is completed, one or both players can leave the game. The traded items will now be in your character’s inventory or stash.
  10. Leave Feedback: Some trading platforms encourage users to leave feedback about their trading partners to help others identify trustworthy traders.

Remember that while trading is an exciting part of Diablo II: Resurrected, it’s important to be cautious. There are unscrupulous players who may try to scam or cheat you. Always double-check items and the reputation of your trading partner, and never give out personal information or share your account details.

With these steps, you can safely and effectively trade items in D2R to enhance your gaming experience.

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