So many things have changed about the energy market over the last several decades. Whereas in the mid-20th century it was generally thought that the entire fossil fuel system would continue to satisfy the global economy indefinitely just as it was, all that began to change-notably, with the onslaught of the 1973 Mideast Oil Crisis. These days, we are all increasingly aware of the fact that there need to be big changes in the Reliant Energy plans sector, improving the energy prices we pay (which have soared to levels that are just not tolerable anymore) and spurring the development of energy solutions that offer long term environmental sustainability.

Green energy is something that attracts more and more attention in the media and which we all hope to see expand moving forward; all the same, it is worth asking yourself: “What am I actually doing to help support the cause of greener energy solutions?” It is time for energy consumers in their homes and at their places of business to start backing their talk up with decisive action, and there are many easy ways for them to do so. The most obvious thing to do: buy some solar panels and have them installed on the roof or out in the yard. While this is a course of action that is worth considering, it is only really a token gesture; to really help support the green energy cause on a larger scale, it is necessary to support the market players that are placing their bets on green technology and who are exceeding government regulations for such things as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The most significant green programs happen to be focused around electricity on the grid and natural gas consumption: this is where you can really help the green cause out the most, whether at home or at your business establishment. Several visionary energy suppliers across North America-particularly in such places as Alberta, Canada-have created plans whereby their customers can obtain energy at competitive rates from companies with a proven green track record. For example, customers that decide to sign up for such plans who need to buy natural gas will have their supply come from a company that has accumulated carbon credits; when done on a massive scale, it is easy to imagine how this will strengthen the market position of companies that take carbon offsetting seriously, promoting an environmentally friendly trend that we all want to see deepened. Similarly, customers that sign up for such green energy plans as related to electricity off the grid will be causing more energy to be placed on the grid from sustainable, green sources (wind, water, and solar energy plants).

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