Sadly, most people involved with fundraising develop the attitude that they are competing for limited funds in a limited universe with limited resources and grow weary of asking the same sources for money over and over again.

What if you could shift your thinking to embrace an unlimited universe of abundance instead of scarcity? What if you could show people how to support your cause with a sustainable residual income that didn’t even take any money out of their pockets? What if you could expand beyond your current body of supporters to a wider support base?

What if you could accomplish this fundraising website dream without any upfront investment? What if it actually saved your supporters time and money? What if it involved something that your supporters were already doing anyway?

All of this is possible. It’s time to change your mindset. Get ready for a quantum leap into a new dimension of charitable giving.

First of all, most people like to be able to make a contribution. Out of the 250 billion dollars in charitable support raised each year, 80% of it comes from private individuals, not the government.

Let’s eradicate that myth of scarcity right out of our minds. Yes, we are living in a tight economy with sky high fuel prices, rampant unemployment, a faltering stock market, bank bailouts, tight credit, a reeling real estate market, a gargantuan national debt, and wars raging around the globe. How can one possibly be positive and embrace abundance in such a glum financial atmosphere?

Two Great Reasons to Embrace Abundance

There are at least two reasons for embracing abundance in fundraising, and perhaps many others. For now, let’s focus on the concept of online shopping. It has burgeoned to a 30 billion dollar industry in just a few short years. Now, no self-respecting business would think of not having a presence on the Internet. People simply do not take businesses seriously that do not have a Website these days.

Certainly you have done some online shopping and probably most of the people you know do so also because of the convenience.

The second reason to embrace abundance is affiliate marketing. If you are not familiar with the term, you have no doubt seen links from one Website to another. pioneered the concept and now it is a standard, respected marketing method on the Web. It’s simply how business gets done. When a customer from one site is referred to another site and makes a purchase, the referring site receives a commission. It creates additional income for both Website partners.

Combine the power of online shopping with the concept of affiliate marketing, and you have a dynamite formula for abundance. Why not harness this money-making behemoth and channel some of the funds to your favorite non-profit organization?

If it sounds like a daunting task, and it normally would be, there is a company that has already made it simple and possible. All you have to do is sign up your favorite charity and invite the supporters to shop.

Each participating non-profit organization receives its own branded mall for its supporters to shop in so that the results can be tracked and the organization paid.

No matter what the state of the economy, people will continue to shop. They need to shop for their daily necessities. If they can save money in a tight economy by shopping online, they will embrace it all the more.

World’s Largest Shopping Mall

Never before in the history of the universe has there ever been a larger, unified mall assembled for the purpose of charitable fundraising. It consists of over 1300 stores–stores that you would expect to find in any brick and mortar mall and much, much more. You will find all your favorites such as Macy’s, Dell, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, Safeway, and on and on. Plus there are specialty shops with unique gifts. There are shops from all over the world too that you couldn’t find in your local mall.

Save Money as you Make a Contribution

Not only do shoppers receive a rebate for shopping, they also save time and money. They save money on gas too and don’t have to worry about finding a parking space and paying high rates.

Non-profits can earn up to 80% of the rebate offered by the participating merchants in the mall. Suppose the average rebate is 10%, and your organization had 1000 supporters who spent just $100 a month in the mall. That would yield an income for the organization of $8000 per month-almost an extra $100,000 a year. Watch the revenue soar during special shopping seasons such as Christmas.

That’s a lot of cookies you didn’t have to bake. That’s a lot of pizzas you didn’t have to sell. You didn’t have to organize a lot of manpower either. There were no upfront expenses, and the income is continual. You don’t have to crank it up year after year for the annual fundraiser. It just goes on and on.

This sustainable residual income is without doubt a fundraiser’s dream. Think of how much simpler this makes the job of being a board member too. Instead of having to focus on fundraising all the time, board members can turn their attention to improving the organization. What a novel idea.


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