Looking to for an insurance to plan in advance to deal with your short term needs? Look no further than short term OPT health insurance. everyone under the age of 64 can get benefited from this particular insurance option but they have to go through a short health qualification questionnaire.

When you will delve more into the details, you will find that there are different types of short term health insurance options available for people. Most of these options come with different coverage amount, etc. Choosing one according to your specific needs will never be an issue for sure.

Who can opt for short term health insurance?

The basic objective of such insurance is to provide you with an opportunity to cover your healthcare expenses for short span of time. Because of the availability of this insurance for only a short span of time, this option can be used by all those who fall in this “short-term” bracket. But, there surely are some specific cases where short term health insurance can really help a lot. For instance,

o You can opt for this type of insurance while searching for another job after leaving one. Though you can get benefited by COBRA which is designed to help people while switching jobs but there are some cases where one may not be eligible or afford to enjoy the luxury of COBRA. That’s when short term health insurance can prove to be the last resort.

o Recent college graduates can also opt for this type of insurance policy as it helps them to cover expenses before getting admitted for further education.

o Visitors medical insurance is essential for those who come to US from another country. Temporary workers are also required to have a health insurance and there is no better option for them than going for short term health insurance. It is equally beneficial for part time workers.

These are the few situations where you can see people opting for short term health insurance but you must keep in mind that you can get benefited by this type of insurance to deal with all of your short-term needs. However, it is essential to mention that there are some limitations associated with this type of insurance plan. For instance,

o You can not get it in pre-existing medical conditions

o You can not use it to enjoy preventive care or immunizations

o You can not opt for it for dental or vision care

Though there are some exceptions but generally these insurance plans are designed to cope with sudden accidents and illnesses.

So, the crux of the matter is that short-term health insurance is one of the best solutions to deal with your specific needs. Although there are some limitations but it still remains to be a great option for those who can not make use of other available insurance plans.

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