Even though it is still considered a low cost headset, the Destek VR headset with bluetooth controller has a much superior look and feel.

It comes with a remote bluetooth controller to however it is limited to use for play/pause, back and volume only when using it on iOS. More functionalities are available for Android users, but don’t expect miracles, for such a low price, you can expect minimum functionalities.

The custom vr viewers features anti blue light lenses which helps the effects of strain on your eyes when using it for a longer time and it is compatible with almost any smartphone with a 4 inch or higher screen.

Merge VR Headset (AR & VR)

Unfortunately this headset only sells, but it may be worth the shipping cost when you consider its features.

The headset was originally designed for educational purposes. This of building sites and factories, so the design of this headset was kept robust and bulky – not something to impress your clients with…

It also came in just 1 color when we purchased this headset.

Not only can you use this headset for virtual reality (virtual tours) but it is also suitable for any augmented reality (games etc).

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