Brief introduction

  • This type of filling machine is a new generation of viscous liquid filling machine developed by our company according to the demand of pressure viscous liquid filling machine.
  • This detergent filling machine through the piston and cylinder sliding to cooperate with the material pumping, pushing, and a servo motor control position.Open and close the solenoid valve and the air controlled filling head valve to achieve high precision and quantitative filling.
  • PLC programmable control, equipped with a 6-inch touch screen man-machine interface system, photoelectric identification movement (tracking) system in the form of modules, automatic bottle into, automatic tracking, automatic filling, automatic bottle out,


1. GNC-4LY is our new generation of viscous liquid filling machine.
2. It is suitable for liquid filling in daily chemical, food, pesticide, medicine and other industries.
3. It has an excellent effect on the filling of household washing products such as laundry detergent, detergent and hair shampoo.
4. It is also widely used in food filling.For example, honey, ketchup, chili sauce and so on.
5. The filling liquid is pulled and pushed by the sliding of the piston and cylinder.
6. The filling machine can achieve high precision quantitative filling, filling more than 1000ml of materials, the accuracy can reach ±0.5%.

1. Product inspection
We have our own factory and quality control department, and we will check carefully to ensure the quality of the products before sending them to our customers

2. Sample services
We can send you a video of the machine in action.Welcome to visit our company and have a look at the machines being produced in our factory

3. Customization services
A: We can customize the machine according to the mechanical power, materials and bottles you provide
B: We can also offer you some professional advice on machinery.As you know, we have been in the machinery business for 16 years.

4. About install
We can provide installation.There are two options.
The first option: We can send our engineers to your company for debugging and maintenance, and your company will bear the cost of air ticket, visa, accommodation, labor and other expenses for this trip.
Option 2: Offer an online service.

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