With the Credit Crunch leaning over a shoulders money is getting tight nowadays and people are always looking for ways to save money, not just on energy bills but for their own personal reasons whatever they maybe. But the truth is that credit crunch is real and it affects me and you so finding ways to conserve our money is crucial.

The saying goes that ‘You have to spend money to make money’ and that is true but think of it like this. ‘You spend money to SAVE money’ I know your reading this and thinking this guy is a complete and utter arse but it’s true IN A WAY! If you want to be able to live through this economic crisis then listen carefully. Serious gamers are now taking necessary actions to protect their games from being damaged and information being lost, they are doing this buy downloading software that allows you to create a backup or a copy of your PlayStation 3 games.

The software works by decrypting the encryption code on the game’s disc and this will act as a copy protector and will also prevent privacy. Once the game has successfully been duplicated/backed up you are then able to transfer the copy onto a local hard drive which can then be burnt onto a blank CD/DVD for further use.

However I MUST stress that you will find information on the Internet about how copy nintendo switch game PlayStation 3 games on places such as blogs, forums and gaming communities although the information that has been put on there might seem genuine it is more than likely going to be bogus. So it really is not a good thing to just go buy someones word until you know for sure that it can be trusted and what is better than buying it and if it doesn’t work then simply refunding it is the answer

There are several possibilities as to why your PS3 might not be working properly. Before we even get into the possible “big” problems, let’s do a basic check right now…

Step 1: Check if there’s a loose cable. Sometimes, your PS3 might not be working simply because the cables aren’t plugged in (seems like an obvious thing, but you don’t know how many times that I’ve thought my PS3 was broken only to find that the plug fell out of the wall).

Step 2: Unplug all cables, and then carefully plug them back in. This is done just to make sure that all cables are connected securely. Simply looking at a cable that “appears” to be connected is not enough.

Step 3: If you have an external hard drive, try unplugging it and starting up the PS3. Sometimes, there is a malfunction with the external hard drive that causes the PS3 to keep itself shut down.

Step 4: Try out other games and see if they work. The problem could be with one particular game disc itself, and not the gaming console.


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