In 2012, a journey began—a journey that would evolve into a decade of excellence in the world of motorhomes. Camp & Cruise, founded with just two campervans, has flourished into a premier name in the industry, proudly celebrating ten years of providing exceptional motorhome experiences.

Our growth from humble beginnings to a fleet of 18 modern and brand-new campervan hire ireland is a testament to our dedication to delivering quality service, substantial reinvestment, and the trust of our loyal customers. Over the past ten years, we’ve honed our expertise to become a trusted partner for travelers seeking the ultimate motorhome adventure.

Rooted in the Irish motor industry, Camp & Cruise complements our primary business,  where we specialize in new and used cars and motor repairs. The experience gained over the years in the automotive sector has allowed us to seamlessly transition into the world of motorhomes.

Conveniently located on the Airport Road in Dublin, our state-of-the-art premises are strategically situated just moments away from Dublin International Airport. This prime location ensures that your Irish adventure starts the moment you land, with our pick-up and drop-off service adding a layer of convenience that sets us apart.

At Camp & Cruise, we recognize that a motorhome isn’t just a mode of transportation—it’s your home on wheels. Each of our 18 campers is meticulously maintained and thoughtfully equipped to provide all the comforts of home. From cozy sleeping quarters to fully-equipped kitchens and spacious dining and living spaces, our campers are designed to enhance your travel experience.

What truly distinguishes Camp & Cruise is our team of dedicated staff. They’re more than just experts in motorhomes; they’re your partners in adventure. Their local knowledge, commitment to your satisfaction, and enthusiasm for travel ensure that your journey is not only comfortable but also memorable.

As we celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we invite you to join us in commemorating a decade of excellence in motorhomes. Camp & Cruise has evolved into more than a rental service; we’re your gateway to extraordinary adventures, your passport to discovering hidden gems, and your ticket to exploring Ireland like never before.

Camp & Cruise: A Decade of Excellence in Motorhomes—thank you for being a part of our incredible journey. Here’s to another ten years of unparalleled exploration and unforgettable memories.

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