If you’re like many people, an invitation to a baby shower can either spark panic, or excitement over a baby, then panic. Baby showers usually mean gifts, and how on earth do you find a gift for a person who hasn’t even been born yet?

One trend that’s been catching on is decorating a nursery in camouflage. Perhaps it’s because of hunting’s popularity, or because camouflage is a unisex theme, so Dad and Mom can agree on it, especially if Dad and Mom are hunters themselves. And where there’s nursery camo, there ought to be other baby camo items. Here are a few gift ideas for any impending baby showers that you’ll be attending.

Crib camo bedding and other nursery stuff

Although some parents may have already picked out a nursery theme, they’ll need a little help populating it. Baby camo bedding for the crib and other nursery-necessary items make great gifts. You can find camo dust ruffles, pillow covers, crib sheets, comforters, and fleece and jersey blankets, just to name a few ideas. Given how many different places the baby camo hat will nap, you can never have too many blankets.

A camo diaper stacker would also be a great gift. Diaper stackers are handy things, and it would be keeping with the camo theme on a more unique gift.

On the go

Whenever babies go somewhere, they require a lot of things. Bottles, diapers, diaper-changing items, extra clothes (just in case), toys and pacifiers are just a few things that need to get carted around. This is exactly why a camo diaper bag or baby tote would be a great baby shower gift. A camo diaper changing pad would match the diaper bag perfectly, and would be much appreciated by a new mother when she’s got to change her baby in a public restroom.

Give something personal

Getting a baby a little camo hat is cute. But getting a baby a little camo hat that’s been embroidered with “Daddy’s Little Hunter” or “Mommy’s Little Hunter”? That’s not only cute, but it also adds a touch more thought to a gift that’s otherwise pretty standard.

You can also get other camo items personalized, like overalls and bibs, either with a phrase or the baby’s name. One great gift would be a camo Christmas stocking embroidered with the baby’s name, especially if the baby shower is close to Christmas.

Don’t forget the other kids

If your friends or relatives have older kids, they may feel left out by all the hubbub about the new baby. Remind them that they’re still special with a little camo gift of their own, like a sweatshirt or a hat. Just remembering them a little will be a kindness, and it will help out a lot.

Infant camo is growing rapidly in popularity. If you’ve got fellow hunters who are soon to hear the pitter-patter of little hunter feet in their family, baby camo gifts will be just the thing. They may not be able to take their littlest ones out camping immediately, but with baby camo gifts, babies will be ready for the hunting cabin before they’re walking.


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