There are so many different varieties of sunglasses in many different styles, shades and colors. It is very difficult and confusing for someone to find the right pair, which is best for them. Hence certain criteria have to be established for selecting the right pair of rectangle sunglasses.

They serve as a medium of protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and they prevent the eyes from getting damaged from the sun rays. Since there are so many designs and styles to choose from, it will not be difficult to find one that suits this purpose. Some people want designer, some people need it for their children, some sportsmen need to wear them while playing and some people have to wear them as prescription glasses.

Irrespective of the purpose for which you are purchasing them, it is essential to make sure that the frame of the glasses is a perfect fit on the face. If you choose a metal frame, then it needs to be bent slightly so it will fit on the face properly and a plastic frame will have to be heated a little so that it fits on the face well. The shape and the color should be selected according to the shape of the face and the skin tone. Nowadays the size of the sunglasses is increasing rapidly as people want more protection from the sun.

The glasses should provide at least ninety nine percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. It is necessary to check the labels of the glasses for this. Sunglasses with large frames will help in protecting the eyes from the sun from all different angles. Some people also wear a large hat to protect their face and hair.

Designer sunglasses have also become very popular. They are made to suit the clothes and other accessories, which have already been created by the same designer. When people buy clothes from a particular designer, they will also buy the sunglasses that go with it. It is always advised to try on them before actually buying them. Designers make sure that they maintain the same theme in all of their designs.

They are more essential for children than for adults since children spend more time playing in the sun when compared to adults. But children may be very reluctant to wear them when they are playing outside. But sunglasses for children have been designed in such a manner that it will entice and they will be ready to wear them on a regular basis. These are available at special stores and other optical shops. Lenses, which have been used to make for kids, are made resistant to impact but they cannot be qualified as unbreakable. This is the reason why parents prefer to buy them for their children, which are made of polycarbonate lenses, as these will not break easily.

Children can also wear sunglasses, which are made specifically for wearing while playing sports. These glasses also have a longer lifetime. Children who are wearing corrective lenses can also get sun-protection lenses, which can be clipped, onto the same frame.

Nowadays adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, mountain bike riding; rock climbing golf, sailing and kayaking have also become very popular. This has led to the creation of many new designs and more up-to-date technology in sports category. These sports sunglasses are light and last for a long time and they are available in many designs. The tinted lenses can also be got in many different shades. Polycarbonate lenses are the perfect option for people who are playing active sports. Polarized lenses are the recommended option for people who are involved in water sports like skiing and sailing.

People who wear prescription corrective lenses can buy prescription sunglasses in many different styles and options. Since they have prescription glares, they do not have to carry the sun protection lenses separately. Prescription sunglasses can also be got with bifocals as well as progressive lenses. Photo chromatic lenses are the best option for people who need to wear prescription lenses since the lenses become dark when they go out in the sun and they change color once again when they step indoors. But UV protection should be separately applied to these lenses.

There are separate sunglasses for both men and women and they are available in different styles ranging from sporty, retro, rectangular, futuristic, glamorous, bejeweled and embellished. Sunglasses, which have no rims and partial rims, are also becoming very popular. The frames for sunglasses are made of plastic, metal and also special metals like stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. Aviators from the 1950s and the 1960s are also another trendy option. Now the frames have jewels and rhinestones studded on them.

Sunglasses can now be found in many different varieties. They help in protecting the eyes and also make a good fashion accessory. If the eyes are exposed to UV rays, then they could damage the cornea and the retina and also lead to a cataract. Hence it is very important to protect your eyes from UV rays and sunglasses serve this purpose very well.



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