It’s great when a business can be like the playground ringleader – cool, unphased, in control. Promotional product distributors meet a lot of different kinds of business people in our travels and it never ceases to amaze us how calm and in control the people who promote using products seem compared to the people who don’t promote using products.

WHY? Because they (the people who promote with products) know that while they are asleep at night or playing with their kids on the weekend, people are using their products. When people use products with your name and corporate logo on them your business is being promoted.

Of course, the secret (AND IT’S NO REAL SECRET) is finding products that are popular and accessible to the wider the community. The wider the community using the products the more exposure your business is getting. Think of items that people take with them everywhere they go. We do. That’s why we sell promotional key chains and promotional baseball caps.

That’s why we distribute Promotional cool sunglasses. We love distributing sunglasses because practically everyone wears sunglasses. Believe it or not, not everyone drives. But pretty much everyone you meet has a pair of sunnies on them. Be cool and confident knowing that when you promote with sunglasses, you’re name and logo will get around.

Be cool and confident knowing that you have a promotional provider in your area that stocks an extensive range of consumer products that we stock because everyone wears them or everyone uses them. IT’S THE EVERYONE FACTOR.

Join the cool club – the coolest kids in the playground – and stock a line of promotional merchandise that puts you in touch with the wider public. Sure, there are obvious products like sunglasses and coffee mugs that sell their legs off but we’ve done the homework and know exactly where to put your name and logo so it advertises to its best potential.

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